Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Leave it up to the states? Leave it up to the parents!

Dating advice for a pre-teen from our president

A man who understands that families have to make these challenging decisions for ourselves.

My ovaries just started bawling

Watch This Baby Panda Kiss Its Mom Then Go Call Your Mother

Props 30 and 32

Any propositions that the Koch brothers feel are important enough to illegally funnel $11 million toward are worth paying attention to.

Yes on 30.
No on 32.Cal. Supreme Court Orders Group To Reveal Source of $11 Million Political Donation




If you're a woman and you're voting for Romney for economic reasons (I vote with my smarts, not with my lady parts), then let me explain something to you, smarty pants: Access to birth control, the right to choose whether you become a mom, is an economic decision.